Jürgen Holtz (Nagg) and Traute Hoess (Nell) in Samuel Beckett's Endgame, Dir. Robert Wilson. Photograph © Lovis Ostenrik

At Columbia, I have been a Teaching Assistant for the following courses:

  • Symbolic Logic. Summer 2021. Primary Instructor: Achille Varzi.
  • The Methods and Problems of Philosophy. Fall 2020. Primary Instructor: Akeel Bilgrami.
  • Symbolic Logic. Spring 2019. Primary Instructor: Achille Varzi.
  • Philosophy of Language and Mind. Fall 2018. Primary Instructor: Christopher Peacocke.
  • Epistemology. Spring 2018. Primary Instructor: Jessica Collins.
  • Metaphysics. Fall 2017. Primary Instructor: Achille Varzi.
  • Symbolic Logic. Spring 2017. Primary Instructor: Achille Varzi.
  • Philosophy of Language and Mind. Fall 2016. Primary Instructor: Carol Rovane.

As a GSAS Teaching Scholar, I was the primary instructor for an upper-level undergraduate seminar in Spring 2021 at Columbia called Language and Society.

Language and Society (Spring 2021). Course Description:

Language is our primary means for influencing each other’s thoughts and attitudes. Sometimes, we use it to convey information explicitly, and to influence others directly. Just as often, though, language is used to convey information implicitly (e.g., with hints, sarcasm, or irony), and to shape the opinions of others surreptitiously (e.g., through the use of dogwhistles or propaganda). How do these forms of communication work, and what distinguishes them? What makes for their success or failure? How much is up to the speaker, and how much is a matter of broader social conventions? In this course, we will critically examine some classic theories in the philosophy of language that try to answer these questions. Then, we will turn to more recent work that rejects or extends them in response to careful examination of the ways in which language can be exploited as a means for manipulation and control.